Votive stela set up by the artist Nebre on behalf of his son Nakhtamun

I shall praise Amun, I shall compose hymns in his name:
I shall praise him to the height of the sky and the breadth of the earth,
I shall proclaim his power to him who sails upstream and him who sails downstream:
Beware of him!
Proclaim him to son and daughter, great and small!
Speak of him to children and to children of children who are not yet born!
Speak of him to the fish in the river and the birds in the sky!
Proclaim him to the one who knows him and the one who knows him not!
Beware of him!
You are Amun, lord of the silent, who comes at the call of the poor.
I called to you when I was in sorrow, and you came to save me.
You gave breath to the one who was imprisoned, and saved me when I was in bonds.
You are Amun-Re, lord of Thebes, you save the one in the netherworld.
You are the one who is gracious to him who calls on him, you are the one who comes from afar!

Quoted from: “The Search For God in Ancient Egypt”, by Jan Assmann

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