Turin stela of Neferrenpet

Turin Stela of Neferrenpet

“Giving praise to Luna-Thoth:
Homage to the Merciful One.
I give him praise to the height of heaven:
I adore thy beauty.
Be thou merciful to me,
That I may see that thou art merciful:
That I may observe thy might.
Thou causest me to see a darkness of thy making;
Lighten me, that I may see thee.
For that health and life are in thine hand:
One liveth by thy gift of them.”

— translation from
The Religion of the Poor in Ancient Egypt, Gunn. 1916:92.
Stela of Neferrenpet – Turin 1592 – cat.50046
Quoted from: “Thoth, the history of Ancient-egyptian God of Wisdom”, by Lesley Jackson

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