Thoth becomes the vicar of Ra; from “The Book of Celestial Cow” (D.Mackenzie)

“He spake again and called forth the god Thoth who came into being by his word.
“For thee, O Thoth he said, “I shall make a resplendent abode in the great deep and the underworld which is Duat. Thou shalt record the sins of men, and the names of those who are mine enemies; in Duat thou shalt bind them. Thou shalt be temporary dweller in my place; thou art my deputy. Lo! I now give messengers unto thee.”
So came into being by his power the ibis, the crane, and the dog ape, the messengers of Thoth.
Ra spake again, saying: “Thy beauty shall be shed through the darkness; thou shalt join night with day.”
So came into being the moon (Ah) of Thoth, and Ra said: “All living creatures shall glorify and praise thee as a wise god.”

Quoted from: “Egyptian myth and legend”, by Donald Mackenzie

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