The Call of the West (Imntj-Hrw), by In-Taier

The Call of the West

When you will get tired of singing faint hymns to the East,
Make a call to the West.
And we will connect you.


When you will get tired of dreaming about the summer,
The city is getting wet under the snow,
And the question freezes on mute,
make a call to the West.
We are here, and ready to answer always,
We, the line operators of the sphere of unfading stars…

Relieve your sorrow about those who are gone. Nobody disappears without trace;
The breathe of the mouth [voice-offering] is enough, just repeat the names…
This is not hell and not heaven. And the work in two shifts too, by the way.
But our water here is clear. And also, we have the Moon.

We are those who have gone, were and will endure,
Those who were justified, even if we weren’t crystal-pure.
We change our forms,
And your worries, people,
Are being recorded in the logs of the books of fate by Thoth-Trismegist.

Make call to the West!
You were sending your prayers to the East,
But the line is always busy – may be the network is down?
You need to renew your software,
While Sekhmet, the Fiery Eye,
Drinks the Wine of reconciliation at the New Moon Night, together with Djehuty.


Every morning, the movements of the spheres are unchanging,
And the Eternity from now on is lined to sectors,
Someone keeps watch at the night –
And someone at the day shift,
Someone in the mansion of the Moon,
And someone on the barque of Ra.

All the chains of events are volatile and stable,
And the Ouroboros-serpent, playing, bites his tail –
The Eternity will end someday, but it’s too early to think about it now;
Our work is to stop the Chaos, as long as we have enough strength.

At the Morning Maat is triumphant, but the routing tables of the Universe
Have to be configured precisely,
for all or upcoming battles…

In the immovability of the Stars and in the shine of voiceless litanies
We keep our termless watch:
Duat, tech-support department,
Telephonist operators for your prayers.

© In-Taier, 27.07.2014 [russian original]