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Prayer to Thoth for wisdom in His service, papyrus Anastasi V (M.Lichtheim)

Come to me, Thoth, O noble Ibis, o god who loves Khmun; o letter-writer of the Ennead, Great one who dwells in Un! Come to me and give me counsel, Make me skillful in your calling; Better is your calling…
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Great Hymn of Horemheb to Thoth (M.Lichtheim)

Adoration of Thoth, Son of Ra, Moon, Of beautiful rising, Lord of appearings, Light of the Gods, By the Prince, Count, Fan-bearer on the King’s right, Great Troop-commander, Royal Scribe, Horemheb, whose word is right and true, he says: Hail…
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Prayer to Thoth – papyrus Sallier I (M.Lichtheim)

O Thoth, convey me to Khmun, Your town where life is pleasing; Supply my needs of bread and beer, And guard my mouth (in) speaking! If only I had Thoth behind me tomorrow, “Come!” They would say; I enter in…
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