Ptolemaic invocation of Thoth

“I am Thoth and I speak to you in the language of Rê anew, for it was spoken to you even before my words were heard.
I am Thoth, lord of divine speech, He who sets things in their proper place.
I render divine offerings to the Gods, invocation offerings to the Akhu.
I am Thoth, He who grants Maat to the Ennead and all that comes from my mouth is made manifest, just as what issues from the mouth of Rê.
I am he whom none can expel from heaven or earth, for I know what is hidden in the heavens, what is inaccessible on earth, hidden in the Nun.
I am the creator of heaven, I am he who formed the mountains, I am he who creates the stream by means of thought, who creates the arms of the river, and when I bring forth the flood, I fertilize the fields, giving life unto Gods and men.
Hearken O Gods! Hear my words which are the words of Rê himself”


Ptolemaic liturgical funerary papyrus of Imutes (Papyrus New York 35.9.21, col. 28, 9-13)
Quoted from: Youri Volokhine, Le dieu Thot et la parole
Translated from french by J.P.Feliciano