Prayers for mercy on the stelae in Turin


[On yet another Turin stela, dedicated by “the attendant in the Place-of-Truth, Onnofre, justified,” Onnofre’s wife Nebtnuhet thus adores Thoth:]

Giving praise to Thoth :
Homage to the Lord of Hermopolis.
What is this that thou givest me, thou fair one ?
Be merciful ; lo, great is thy power ;
Thou causest me to see a darkness of thy making.
Be merciful to me that I may see thee.“

— The sacred books and early literature of the East with an historical survey and descriptions. Vol. 2. Breasted, J.H. Egypt

[On another stela at Turin the triple divinity Khonsu-Thoth-Horus is thus conjured:]

Take good cheer,
O Lord of the Gods…
Be merciful, be merciful, thou fair one:
Be merciful, do thou love mercy.
Thus the draughtsman of Amun, Pay, justified.

[Below this Pay’s mother is shown upon her knees, and in ront of her is this inscription:]

Praisegiving to Khonsu in Thebes, Neferhotep:
Horus, Lord of gladness.
I give him praise:
I propitiate his Ka,
That he be merciful to me every day.
Lo, thou causest me to see a darkness of thy making,
If thou be merciful to me I will declare it.
How sweet is thy mercy, O Khonsu,
To the helpless one of thy city!
For the Ka of the lady Wazet-ronpet, justified.
Her son made this memorial in the name of his Lord Khonsu, the draughtsman Pay, justified, who said :
Turn thy face, do mercy:
Harken to me…

Quoted from: “The sacred books and early literature of the East, volume II, Egypt”, – pt.IX – “Prayers for Mercy”, 1917

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