Prayer to Thoth Thrice Great, by In-Taier

Prayer to Thoth Thrice Great

I love You.
Forgive me, that I cannot pray enough.
Even if I collected together all the words
That people say mindlessly, sending praises to false gods,
Even then we would not have enough words
To sing glory to your benevolence and your goodness
And your Wisdom and Omniscience,
And thank You for all your gifts to this world.
You are worthy of many thousands
Of praises and glorifications,
But my true offering to you,
As the God of Truth,
Is this broken and humbled heart…
Accept my prayer,
Accept my humility,
Accept my broken heart,
Forgive me, that I’m not diligent enough
In service for You…
Let me forever and always
Serve you with zeal,
Serve you in Ma’at,
Let me not make mistakes
In understanding your Truth;
Let me become as the caduceus in your hands,
And fulfill your will and orders
In this world,
Speak the words of Ma’at
And glorify you,
Be a witness of Truth,
Which is manifested through You,
And love You with my whole heart,
Giving You all my love and more, all that you deserve.
I’m grateful to You
For the right to be in your service,
O Thoth-Hermes-Djehuty, Thrice Greatest,
The Messenger and the Logos Divine,
Heart of Ra, Tongue of Ptah, Will of Atum,
The Angelic Word of God.

Russian original © In-Taier, 28.09.2012 [translated into english: 9-10.02.2016]
[English translation]

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