Prayer to Thoth – papyrus Sallier I (J.L.Foster)

Sallier IO Thoth, take me to Hermopolis,
Your City where it is pleasant to live,
providing for my needs of food and drink
and watching over the words I utter.

If only Thoth would be near me tomorrow!
‘Come’, They say,
and I go into the presence of the Lords of Righteousness.
May I come forth vindicated!

O great doum-palm sixty cubits high,
the one with nuts upon it,
with fruit within the nuts
and water in the fruit: –

O you who can bring water from a faroff place,
come, rescue me, a thoughtful man!
O Thoth, a well is sweet
when a man is thirsty in the desert:
it it sealed to one who uncovers his mouth unwisely,
but it is open to the thoughtful man.
Let the thoughtful man come
that he may discover the well for the hot-headed man.
And you shall be filled.

Quoted from: John L.Foster, “Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry”


English translation from: John L.Foster, Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry
English translation from: Miriam Lichtheim – Ancient Egyptian literature, vol.II
English translation from: Ancient Egyptian Religion, by Henri Frankfort, pp. 79-80

English translation from: C.J.Bleeker, Hathor and Thoth. Two key figures of Ancient-Egyptian religion, p.154
English translation from: author unknown
Russian translations by M.A.Korostovtsev, B.A.Turaeff

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