Prayer to Thoth – papyrus Sallier I (M.Lichtheim)

Sallier I
O Thoth, convey me to Khmun,
Your town where life is pleasing;
Supply my needs of bread and beer,
And guard my mouth (in) speaking!
If only I had Thoth behind me tomorrow,
“Come!” They would say;
I enter in before the lords,
I leave as one who is justified.

You great dum-palm of sixty cubits,
On which there are nuts;
There are kernels in the nuts,
There is water in the kernels.
You who bring water (from) afar,
Come, rescue me, the silent;
O Thoth, you well that is sweet
To a man who thirsts in the desert!
It is sealed to him who finds words,
It is open to the silent;
Comes the silent, he finds the well,
(To) the heated man you are [hidden].

Prayer to Thoth P. Sallier I.8,2-7
Publication: Gardiner, LEM, pp. 85-86.
Translation: Gaminos, LEM, p. 321.
J. A. Wilson in ANET, p. 379. Hecht, Zeugnisse, pp. 73-75.

English translation from: John L.Foster, Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry
English translation from: Miriam Lichtheim – Ancient Egyptian literature, vol.II
English translation from: Ancient Egyptian Religion, by Henri Frankfort, pp. 79-80

English translation from: C.J.Bleeker, Hathor and Thoth. Two key figures of Ancient-Egyptian religion, p.154
English translation from: author unknown
Russian translations by M.A.Korostovtsev, B.A.Turaeff

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