Prayer to Thoth – papyrus Sallier I (C.J.Bleeker)

Thoth, thou, sweet well for someone
who suffers thirst in the desert.
He is closed for him who speaks
and he is open for him who is silent.
If the silent one comes, then he finds the well,
when the hot one (comes), then thou art (hidden?)

reference: Sallier, I, 8,2 sq.; Erman, Literatur, p.377
Quoted from: C.J.Bleeker “Hathor and Thoth. Two key figures of Ancient-Egyptian religion”

English translation from: John L.Foster, Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry
English translation from: Miriam Lichtheim – Ancient Egyptian literature, vol.II
English translation from: Ancient Egyptian Religion, by Henri Frankfort, pp. 79-80

English translation from: C.J.Bleeker, Hathor and Thoth. Two key figures of Ancient-Egyptian religion, p.154
English translation from: author unknown
Russian translations by M.A.Korostovtsev, B.A.Turaeff

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