Prayer to Thoth in the day of winter solstice, by theonewhoseeksknowledge

Prayer to Thoth in the day of winter solstice

Moved by all that you encompasses I am, O Djehuty the Great Ibis
From the books I see your figure in splendour
The Lord of Wisdom and all he has to offer

Balance is what I’m seeking
Truth and order, you’ve mastered
To the Lord of Ma’at I come
Asking for the help of the Three Times Great, Great
To enhance my skills on the matter

May your divine words reach me,
My fate is in thy hands O, Orderer of Fate
Welcoming the Sun, I am, with you as my companion
May the next season be thrice as productive as this one
May I walk with you, the path you assigned me to.

(c) theonewhoseeksknowledge, 2014
[russian translation]

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