Prayer to Thoth for wisdom in His service, papyrus Anastasi V (J.L.Foster; +unknown translator)

Anastasi V hymn

Come to me, Djehuty! O glorious sacred Ibis,
God, who loves Hermopolis.

Scribe of letters to the Ennead.
exalted in Heliopolis!
Come to me that you may give good counsel
and make me wise in your affairs.

Your calling is splendid above any other –
it makes for greatness;
One discovers knowledge in it
to form a distinguished  man.

I have seen the many men you favored,
and they are high officials, seated on the Council of the Thirty,
Strong and powerful because of what you do;
and it is you who gave them wisdom.
And it is you who give good counsel to him without a mother;
fate and good fortune are in your hand.

O come to me that you may give me wisdom!
I am a devotee of your domain,
Let me recount your mighty deeds
wherever I may be.
Then shall the multitudes of people say,
“Great are the things Djehuty has accomplished.”

Then they shall come bringing their children,
offering them to your service.
The service of the Lord of Power is perfection!
And happy he who is allowed to follow it.

Quoted from J.L.Foster – “Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry”, p.147

Come to me, Djehuti, thou lordly ibis, thou Ntr for whom yearneth Hermopolis.
Letter-writer of the Nine Ntr, great one in Unu.
Come to me, that you may lead me, that you may make me cunning in your calling.
Fairer is you calling than all callings, it makes men great.
It is found that he who is cunning therein becomes a noble.
Many deeds there are that you do for them and they are in the Council of thirty.
They are strong and mighty though what you do. It is you who is cared
for him that has no….. Fate and the Harvest-goddess are with thee.
Come to me and care for me. I am a servant of your house. Let me tell
of your mighty works in whatsoever land I be.
So will the multitude of men say “Great things are they that Djehuti has done.”
So will they come with their children in order to brand them for your office.
A goodly calling, O strong deliverer, and happy is he that follows it.

Translator unknown; [source]

English translation, from J.L.Foster – “Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry”, p.147
English translation, from Miriam Lichtheim – “Ancient Egyptian literature, vol.II”, p.113

Russian translation, by M.A.Korostovtsev

Russian translation, by B.A.Turaeff

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