Prayer to Thoth, by Zoë Melissa

Djehuti, keeper of Ma’at, I pray to you.
May the words I speak today be true.
May the words I write uphold Ma’at.
Djehuti, scribe of the gods, I pray to you.
Give me a sweet pen that I might edit to find each book’s inner beauty.
Help me remember what it is to be a writer, that I treat each book with respect.
Djehuti, wise one, counsellor, I pray to you.
Give me a sweet tongue that each author I work with understands the underlying Ma’at of our work.
Help me remember whose work it is, and to always treat the author with courtesy and respect.
Djehuti, master of science and magic, I pray to you.
Give me a sweet computer, one with a quick mind, that does not crash or lose data.
May the computer and I always work together smoothly.

(c) Zoë Melissa, 2012 [Source]

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