Prayer to Ptah, Sakhmet, Ptah-Sokar, and Osiris (Statue of Horemheb in New York)

A gift of the living king to Ptah South of his Wall, Sakhmet, beloved of Ptah, Ptah-Sokar, lord of Shetyt, and Osiris, lord of Rosetau:

May you all allow my Soul to come forth in the day
to see the Sundisk;
May you listen to me praying every day
like the transfigured spirits whom you made so glorious;
And may you have me follow you both day and night
as one of those you honor.
Because I am one who has been true to God
since first I was on earth.
Let me satisfy Truth, truly, every day,
for I have turned my back on evil in his presence,
nor has there been occasion [for it] since my birth.

For surely I am one who is benevolent under God,
wise and contented, who listens to the truth.
Let me be among the crew in the bark of Osiris
celebrating in the district of Peqer.

For the Spirit of the hereditary prince, Sole Friend, royal deputy for the Two Lands, royal scribe, Horemheb, vindicated.


Quoted from: John L.Foster, “Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry”

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