Prayer to Hathor as Goddess of Love

Let me worship the Golden One to honor her Majesty,
and exalt the Lady of Heaven;
Let me give adoration to Hathor
and songs of joy to my heavenly Mistress!
I beg her to hear my petitions
that she send me my mistress now!
And she came herself to see me!
What a great thing that was when it happened!
I rejoiced, I was glad, I was exalted,
from the moment they said, “Oh, look at her!
See, here she comes!” – and the young men bowing
tnrough their enormous passion for her.
Let me consecrate breath to my Goddess
that she give me my Love as a gift!
It is four days now I have prayed in her name;
let her be with me today!

Prayer to Hathor as Goddess of Love (Papyrus Chester Beaty I)
Quoted from: John L.Foster “Hymns, Prayers and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry”.

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