Prayer to Djehuty, by Merytaset

Prayer to Djehuty

Hail Djehuty
Lord of Divine Words
Hail Djehuty
Great Holy Ibis
Hail Djehuty
Lord of Wisdom
Hail Djehuty
Benevolent Lord of Kindliness
May You bless me with wisdom;
May You guide me to do right;
May You always provide me with the right words to speak in life and in ritual;
May You inspire me to write as my writing is a gift to You;
May You play mediator when I am in an argument as You mediated between the Two Lords.
Your gifts are great and many.
I thank You for all that You do.
May You go in peace.
Truly it is.

© Merytaset04 [source]
[Russian translation], by In-Taier

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