Prayer for Buchis, the divine bull of Hermonthis (M.Murray)

On this day the Majesty of this noble God went up to heaven as Re the Old. Mayest thou traverse the earth, mayest thou be united with the Disk [of the Sun], and may the rays of Re be beautiful on thy body. May Amon breathe forth sweet air into thy nostrils, and may thy nostrils inhale the goodly north wind without its ever leaving thee. Mayest thou be glorious, mayest thou be powerful, may thy soul be established, maycst thou grow young like the Moon. Mayest thou pass through the holy cities, mayest thou traverse the temples of the gods at their festivals. The Soul of the Sun-god shall cause thy soul to live, the soul of the God of Light shall endue thy nostrils. Mayest thou see the Eternal when he shines forth by day, and the Everlasting when he enters in at night. Mayest thou live in the House of Atum, and not perish for ever.

– Quoted from: Egyptian Religious Poetry, by Margaret A. Murray, 1949

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