Praising Thoth in the course of every day (Parkinson/L.Jackson)

Turaeff hymn to Thoth

Praising Thoth in the course of every day:
O gods who are in heaven,
O gods who [are in earth]
[…] easterners,
come, that you may see Thoth crowned with his uraeus,
when the Two-Lords are established for him in Hermopolis,
that he may govern the people!
Rejoice in the Hall of Geb at what he has done!
Praise him, extol him, give him hymns!
– this god is the lord of kind-heartedness,
the governor of entire multitudes.
Now every god and every goddess,
who shall give praises to Thoth on this day -he shall found their seats, and their offices in their temples in the Island of Fire!

Hail to you Thoth!
I am the one who praises you,
so may you give me house and property!
May you establish me, create my livelihood,
in the land of the living,
as you have made them to live in the Island of Fire!
May you give me love, favours,
[…], sweetness, protection,
in the bodies, hearts, breasts of all mankind,
all patricians, all folk, all sunfolk!


May you strike down my male and female enemies,
dead and living.
These are to be spoken by a man when he has offered to Thoth,
– justifying a man against my (sic) enemies
in the council of every god and every goddess!
For he is the chief of every god and every goddess,
this being what the great Company of gods has decreed for him.

— Quoted from : Lesley Jackson, “Thoth, History of Ancient-Egyptian God of Wisdom”
— Reference for translation: Cracking Codes: The Rosetta Stone and Decipherment, Parkinson. 1999:148-49.

English translation, Parkinson/L.Jackson
Russian translation, by B.Turaeff

English translation, author unknown


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