Praising Thoth in the course of every day, by In-Taier

Praising Thoth in the course of every day

And so, all my life exists
To give praises to Djehuty…
Glory be to you,
Who appears as ibis and baboon
and serpent and wolf
and a man, called Hermes,
bearing winged sandals…
Glory be to you,
You marked my heart with love to you,
You protect me at the judgment of all the Gods
And demand my heart as your prize
And I wish for nothing else in this life
But follow this verdict
and serve you in eternity
in this life and in afterlife
and in all times…
I never loved anyone so deeply –
only you…
I know, that for this love I will receive
Eternal judgment and eternal reward
Which will make me to belong to you forever
Who are you, and who am I?
My heart quivers
And in my mind, I fall on my knees
Adoring your might
And adoring your greatness.
How dare I to pronounce your name
And how could I build a temple to you
whom the heavens can not contain?

But you want the glories to be sung again
And offerings to be renewed,
You tell me your will,
And who am I, to speak against it?
Forever and in eternity
My justification and my judgment
When I will come to the hall of Maati –
To close my eyes, and send away the worries of the heart
And put all my hopes on you
And follow you, wherever you may go…

© In-Taier, 14.10.2012 [translated into english: 13.09.2015]
[Original in russian]

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