Praise to you, Djehuty, by In-Taier

Praise to you, Djehuty

Praise to you, Djehuty,
Lord of Hermopolis, Thrice Great,
Great One of the Five,
Lord of the divine Net in Kheseret,
Lord of Terror in Pselquet,
Lord of the Wine in Abaton.
Lord of the Divine Speech,
One who makes libations for the Ogdoad on Iat-Djamut,

Divine Avenger with knife
Sharp as the moon-crescent, blood-stained,
One, whose revenge is swift,
One, whose benevolence has no limits.

You, the most beautiful,
Silver Aten of the Night,
Lord of the Glory of Nut,
Thrice Great, Great.

My heart rejoices about you every day,
Your heart is pleased, when you see me,
My heart is full of joy when I see you.
You make me justified,
Before the tribunal of every God and Goddess,
You initiate me into the secrets of the Divine Book,
And let me know the difficult passages of the Divine Speech,
You let me know the number of Chambers-of-the-Sanctuary.
You are the Light I saw in the Chamber of Darkness.

Accept me to your suite
And let me follow you
Wherever you go,
And grant me safe passage
Through either of the Two Ways
To the Mansion of the Moon,
To the abode of Justified.

I live to serve Djehuty,
Now and in the eternity-everlasting, nhh-djt.

© In-Taier, 13.03.2016

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