Praise to the Eye of Ra, by Shine

Praise to the Eye of Ra

How wonderful is the Eye of Ra
when her fury is calmed
and her warm charms bless the earth!
How gentle her touch can be!
She is the beautiful Lady of Light,
her raiments all of golden fire,
eyes the color of red jasper,
her voice a chime in the empty space.

And how blessed are those
who can speak her name
when she appears in the splendid disk!
How vibrant is her ka!
She is radiant like the full moon,
her magic like the Undying Stars,
her step like a wind in the trees,
her song like a phoenix cry.

How numerous are all her names
when she travels ’round
and shines upon all the lands!
How great is the Eye of Ra!
She is called Bast in the heavens,
Gold in the veins of the earth,
Immortality in the tomb,
and Shining in the heart.

(c) Shine, 2013 [source]
[Russian translation], by In-Taier

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