Philae Great Hall Hymn to Thoth

Hail to thee, xnsw-DHwty, on this glorious day
Hail to thee, saith Re to thee, who rejoicest the heart of Atum,
and providest sacrifices for the gods.

May thy heart rejoice thereat, on this glorious day
when thou shinest forth.
Thou art the god that is high on his standard,
who came forth from the god himself;
for whom opened the doors of the eastern horizon of Re
by whom he was begotten.

Every god came forth at his command – –
what he spoke was accomplished.
Thou art the god who protected Horus by his great Eye,
do thou protect King Ptolemy, for he is Thoth, the Dweller in Hmnw.

Hail to thee, Thoth who appeasest the gods ;
by whose deeds every god is appeased.
Thou shinest forth in the eastern heavens :
Thou smitest the dwellers of the desert.
Thou providest sacrifice for every god and goddess.

Hail to thee, thou Eye of Horus which thou didst bring,
which thou didst embrace when thou didst rise aloft:
Thou didst set thy arms about it, in thy name iaHw ;
because of it thou wast sent forth in thy name hAbi

Alternate translation (P.Boylan)

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