One-who-loves-Knowledge, by In-Taier

Let me praise You
with every breath,
with every beat of my heart…

I’m renewed in your moonlight,
teach me, how to live again
when my life is yours,

teach me, how to live
revived and healed,
called to serve,
live this answered prayer,
gift, that was given to me…

After touching the Mysteries,
seeing the sun-in-the-night,
going through Chamber-of-Darkness
as my heart told to me…


Bitter absinthe leaves
Will be distilled for us,
those who rejected the scents of myrrh –
and asked the Lord-of-Hedenu
to accept our hearts as ink-wells;

teach us the art of Bird-catching,
with the nets of papyrus and pens –
and birds being your signs,
that make the books speak…


© In-Taier, 25.06.2016 [russian translation]

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