Invocation of Thoth, by J. Pedro Feliciano

I invoke Thee, Djihauti, noble Ibis, wise Ape, divine Scribe, beloved son of Rē, whom the Gods adore. O Thou primeval Word of Creation. When Thou shinedst forth, the Universe came into being, and light appeared, and all things were dispensed through Thee; wherefore they all are under Thy dominion. Thou who hast Thy throne about the height of the cosmos, and comprehendest all, encircled with the sphere of eternity and truth! O Thou who makest the way for the Gods; omniscient one, who knowest the mysteries and recordest them; judge of all mankind, overseer of the scales, mighty in speech, who knowest a man by his word. Thou of fair countenance, who safely guidest the boat of night, and bringest peace unto the day-bark; Thee I invoke! By thy most holy and secret names, which are great, incorruptible, lofty and divine: ALIPS, STSILIPS, GAGARPAOTHAR, THANASIMA, QHAH, ORTHŌMENKHROŌN, BALSA, ALABAKHABEL, come Thou unto me, O Lord of Truth, Thee I invoke. Oh thrice-great Thôth, Thou who hearkenest unto the prayers of the just and humble, Thou sole Lord of wisdom, who lovest Truth, who judgest by Truth, and dost naught but Truth, hear me. Heart of Rē, tongue of Ta’atnun, throat of him whose name is hidden, come Thou unto me, HEFKAE, HEPKA, HEBIKE, NEKHEPKAI. Thee I invoke, Thou who alone in the universe imposest order upon Gods and men, who dost transform thyself in holy forms, manifesting things that are not, and from the things that are, making them inexistent.


I am Djihauti, Lord of Divine words, who gave a liturgy unto every God. I am the overseer of the scales, and naught may withstand my judgment. I am pure of countenance when I guide the day-bark as it traverseth the heavens. I am He who smiteth the Fiend, and casteth his corpse into the everburning fire. I am the repulser of evil, the punisher of the wicked. Justice is mine and I make aright the scales. I am Lord of justice, scribe and keeper of the books. I am the letter-writer of the Ennead, the Great one who dwelleth in On. I am He who reckoneth in Heaven, the Enumerator of the stars, of the Earth and of what is therein, and the Measurer of the world. By my power, the souls of the righteous shall breathe eternally, their forms shall be endowed with life upon earth, and they shall become Divine, along with the souls of the Gods, and they shall be the heart of Rē for them; and their limbs those of the Great God. I have brought unto them sweet air for their noses, and life and strength for their countenances, and the North wind for their nostrils. I have made the God Shu to shine upon their body; I have illumined their paths with rays of splendour; I have destroyed the defects of their limbs by the magical words of mine utterance. I have vanquished the storm and the whirlwind, and the forces of chaos were dispersed before me. Hear thou me!

O holy Thôth, the true sight of whose face none of the Gods can endure! Thou hast given life in the Land of the Living; Thou hast made souls to live in the Region of Flames; Thou hast given respect of Thy counsels in the minds and in the hearts of men: mortals, intelligences, creatures of light. Enter; manifest thyself unto me, O Lord Thôth, and enlighten me with Thy grace, that I may partake of the true Mind in Thee. I know Thee, Thôth, and thou knowest me; I know thy Names that shine forth in the 4 quarters of heaven, LAMPHTHEN OUŌTHI OUASTHEN OUŌTHI OAMENŌTH ENTHOMOUKH; I know Thy forms and manifestations; I am thou, and thou art me!

[Russian translation], by In-Taier, 2014

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