Inscription at the Temple of Edfu, from: “Egyptian Mysteries v.3: The Priests and Priestesses of Ancient Egypt”, by M.Ashby

How happy are they {priests & priestesses} who celebrate Your Majesty, oh great God, and who do not cease serving Your Temple! Those {priests & priestesses} who elevate Your power, exalt Your grandeur, and fill their heart with You…. Those {priests & priestesses} who go on Your path, and come on Your water, and are concerned with Your Majesty’s plans! Those {priests & priestesses} who adore Your spirit with paeans’ intended for deities, and who pronounce Your ritual…. Those {priests & priestesses} who conduct the regular service and the festival service, free of ignorance… You who tread the path of Ra in his Temple; who keep watch in His home, conducting His festivals and presenting offerings, without cease: enter in peace, leave in peace, go happily! For life is in His hand, health is in His grip, and all goodly things are there where He is: there are the dishes that lie on His table, there is the food of those who eat His offerings! There is no ill or misfortune for those {priests & priestesses} who live on His goods; there is no damnation for those {priests & priestesses} who serve Him, for His care extends to the sky and His security to the earth: His protection is greater than that of all (other) deities.

Inscription at the Temple of Edfu
Quoted from: Muata Ashby “Egyptian Mysteries vol.3: The Priests and Priestesses of Ancient Egypt”

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