Hymn to Thoth. Papyrus Anastasi III (J.L.Foster)

Anastasi III hymn

Praises to you, Lord of the Manor,
holy baboon with shining mane,
Of pleasing aspect, gentle, charming,
loved by all.
To him belongs contentment – for he is Thoth
who overwhelms the earth with beauty!

His headdress is red jasper,
his phallus is carnelian:
Love gushes out from his eyebrows
as he opens his mouth to give life.

My entryway is is sweet
since the holy creature entered it.
It has developed and is well furnished
since my Lord set foot therein.

May you all be happy, you of my neighborhood!
Rejoice for me, all my neighbors!
Behold my lord! He made me what I am
and my heart belongs to him.

O Thoth, for me you are more than a champion:
I shall never fear what you do.

Quoted from: John L.Foster, “Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry”, p.146

My house is delighted
since the deity entered it.
It prospers and is richly furnished
since my Lord went into it.

Scribe after installing image of Djehuty (Erman , Litterarure p.37)

Praise be Thee, Lord of this house,
Thou, ape with white hair and beautiful figure…
He is of sehret stone…
That which is on his head, is of red jasper,
and his phallus is of quartz.

Quoted from: Bleeker, C.J 1973, “ Hathor and Thoth: Two Key Figures of the Ancient Egyptian Religion”, p.108-109

Praise to you, the lord of the house! Ape with white hair and pleasant form, with friendly nautre, beloved of all men.
He is of sehret-stone, he, even Djehuti, that he may illumine the earth with his beauty.
That which upon his head is of red jasper and his phallus is of quartz.
His love leaps on his eyebrows and he opens his mouth to bestow life.
My house is happy since the Ntr entered it; it flourishes and is richly furnished, since my lord did tread it.
Be happy, people of my quarter, and rejoice all my kindred.
Behold, my lord it is that makes me, yes, my heart longs after him.
O Djehuti, if you will be to me a champion, I will fear not for the eye.

Translator: unknown [source]

English translation: John L.Foster & additional quotes
Russian translation, M.A.Korostovtzev
Russian translation, B.A.Turaeff

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