Hymn to Thoth by Horemheb (M.Murray)

PRAISE to Thoth, the son of Re, the Moon beautiful in his rising, lord of bright appearings who illumines the gods. Hail to thee, Moon, Thoth, Bull of Heliopolis, who spreads out the seat of the gods, who knows their mysteries, who establishes their commands ; he who sifts evidence, who makes the evil deed rise up against the doer, who judges all men. Let us praise Thoth, the exact plummet of the balance, from whom evil flees, who accepts him who avoids evil, the Vizier who gives judgement, who vanquishes crime, who recalls all that is forgotten, the remembrancer of time and eternity, who proclaims the hours of the night, whose words abide for ever.
[Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, x, p. 3]

Verse transcription [by M.Murray]

HAIL to thee, Thoth, the child of the Sun, the Moon who arises in beauty,
Lord of all brightness, the Light of the gods, all praises arc thine and all worship.
Bull of Hermopolis, spreading the scats of the gods in the height of the heavens.
Judge of mankind, the laws of the gods are entrusted to him for enforcement,
Vanquishing crime as Vizier of the Lord he judges the good and the evil,
Obtaining the truth at the Weighing of Souls, he weighs every heart in the Balance;
Just and exact as the Scales of the Lord, confronting the deed and the doer,
Calling to mind the words and the deeds and the evil long past and forgotten,
Wickedness flees from the face of the Judge who admits all the righteous to favour.
Time and Eternity wait on his Word and his Word abideth for ever.

– Quoted from: Egyptian Religious Poetry, by Margaret A. Murray, 1949

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