Hymn to Thoth and Maat (J.L.Foster)

Praises to you, Djehuty, Lord of Hermopolis,
who came to be of himself, not being born;
Sole god, who governs the underworld,
who gives instruction to the Westerners—
Those who are in the retinue of Re—
and who distinguishes among the tongues of all the lands.

May you allow Horemheb, the royal scribe, to flourish at his
Sovereign’s side
just as you are beside the Lord of All,
just as you nurtured him when he came forth from the womb.

And praise to Maat, our Lady of the Northwind,
who opens the nostrils of the living
and who gives air to the One in the midst of his bark.
Allow Prince Horemheb to breathe the breezes born of heaven
just as the Lady of Punt breathes her aromas from the Lake of Myrrh.

May you allow my entry and departure from the Field of Reeds,
and let me be provided there from the Field of Offerings,
and receive the daily gifts from the altars of the Lords
of Heliopolis:

And let my heart be in the water-crossing from the Necropolis
to the pure islands of the Field of Reeds.
May you open wide to me the blessed path
and spread my road before me,
and may you place me in the retinue of Sokar
before the gates of the Beyond.

For the Spirit of the hereditary prince, Sole Friend, Commander in Chief of the Armies, rejoicing under Osiris, Horemheb, vindicated, possessor of blessedness.

[British Museum Stele 551]
Quoted from: John L.Foster, “Hymns, Prayers and Songs, an Anthology of Ancient Egyptian Lyric Poetry”

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