Hymn to Ptah, from the votive stela of Neferabu (M.Murray)

I HAVE sinned against Ptah, against the Lord of Truth : I swore by his name, and my swearing was false.
He smote me on the eyes and darkness came upon me : at noonday, at noonday, fell the darkness.
O Lord of Truth, I will declare thy power to the teamed and the unlearned : to the great and to the small ; to all will I make thy power known.
The Lord of Truth abominates lies : beware then of swearing falsely, for he that speaketh a lie shall be cast down.
Behold me, as a dog of the street, as a sign unto gods and men am I : struck down by his hand, for I had wrought evil in his sight.
O righteous God, after chastisement, have mercy : look upon thy servant and show mercy.

– Quoted from: Egyptian Religious Poetry, by Margaret A. Murray, 1949

Alternate translation: Praise to Ptah – from the votive stela of Neferabu (translator unknown)
Alternate translation: Votive stela of Neferabu, dedicated to Ptah (E.Frood)

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