Hymn to Ptah, from the Papyrus Berlin 3048

Worship Ptah, father of (gods), To-Tjenen ( Tatenen) the elder of the primordial gods, at dawn.

Hail to you, Ptah, father of the gods,
To-Tjenen (Tate’nen) elder of the primordial gods,
sacred god to the noble shapes,
Very feared, who is located in the Headquarters-Venerable,
which authority is strong,
demonstrations prestigious,
the considerable strength
that prevails all in his power.
Respectable power, beloved,
in the face of prestigious appearance
Lord of the double feather,
And shiny ornaments,
Brilliant who makes the gods alive,
Radiating, who rises on his horizon,
Illuminating the Double – country of his charm,
Lord of light,
shining in brightness rises in every eye,
living that pierces the darkness,
shining sun disk
that runs the distant sky and crosses Douat.
The Pharaoh comes to you, O Ptah!
He comes to you, god with distinguished shapes !
Hail to you! In front of the primordial gods that you created
After being in existence as divine body,
Who has shaped his own body himself
While the sky was not yet come into existence,
That the earth was not yet come into existence,
That the flow had not sprung.
You shaped the earth;
You assembled your flesh,
You counted your members;
You were unique, made his place,
God who melted the Double – Country.
You had no father who engendered you
When you came to the existence,
No mother who gave birth to you.
Let us go, let us sing for him hymns!
He who created the gods, the men and all the animals,
Who created all the countries, the banks and the very-Green (= the sea),
on his behalf of creator of the Country!
Let us go, let us sing for him hymns !
He who brought the Nile outside its cave,
Who makes turn green the fruit tree,
Who creates the necessities of what goes out ceaselessly of him,
On his behalf respectable Noun!

Traduction : Andre’ BARUCQ, Franc,ois DAUMAS, Hymnes et prie`res de l’E’gypte ancienne, 1980, p. 390-391, p. 394 , 399-400.

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