Hymn to Goddess Hathor (Dendera 1-80)

” …. Lady of names in the Two Lands,
Unique One,
Lady of Terror among the Guardian-Gods,
the Uraeus on the horns of Atum.
The Gods come to You prostrating,
the Goddesses come to You bowing Their heads.
Your Father Ra adores You,
His face rejoices in hearing Your Name.
Thoth satisfies You with His glorifications, and He raises His arms to You, carrying the sistrum.
The Gods rejoice for You when You appear.
You illuminate the Two Lands with the rays of Your Eye.
The South, the North, the West, and the East pay You homage,  making adorations to You.
Hathor, Lady of Iunet, Your beautiful face is pleased by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt.”

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