Hymn-Prayer to Thoth-Djehuty, by In-Taier

hail to you
Djehuty thrice-great, lord of Khemennu
uncreated, who made the world into being
as the word of Ptah and will of Atum
who witnessed the birth of sun
on the top of the hill of the Ogdoad

my heart longs for you
your city is in rejoice
when you come into it
let me praise you
at day at night
you, master of the divine book
who measured the sky and earth
let me follow you
whereever you go
protect me and vindicate against my enemies

make me justified
before the tribunal of any god and goddess
let them all say, she is without fault
so my water and bread will be pure
one that comes from your altar
let me come to the beautiful west
to the abode of pure souls
to dwell with ones who love you

you, the well of the desert for those who thirst
consolation of sorrows
inventor of speech
lord of many graces
let me know all your holy names
written in my heart
let me know you and adore you in all your holy forms
so I may make the glorifications
of the secrets of Thoth

© In-Taier, 19/10/2013

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