Hymn and praise to Ptah by king Ramses III (Papyrus Harris I)

The prayers, praises, adorations, laudations, might deeds and benefactions, which King UserMaatRa MeryAmon (Ramses III), Life, Power, Health, the Great God, did for His father Ptah, the Great, “South of His Wall”, the Lord of Life of the Two Lands; for Sekhmet the Great, Beloved of Ptah, for Nefertum, Protector of the Two Lands, and for all the Gods of Memphis.
Said King UserMaatRa MeryAmon, the Great God, to His father, the august God, Ptah the Great, “South of His Wall”, the Lord of Life of the Two Lands, God of the Primeval Mound, the Father of the Gods, lofty-plumed, ready-horned, beautiful-face, upon the great throne:

“Hail to Thee!
Great art Thou,
revered art Thou,
O God of the Primeval Mound,
Father of the Gods,
Great God of the First Time (the Primeval Time),
Former of human beings,
Maker of Gods,
Beginning that became the First Primeval Being,
after Whom happened all that came to pass,
Who made Heaven after the conception of His mind,
Who suspended it by the elevation of the atmosphere,
Who founded the Earth by that which He Himself did,
Who surrounded it with Nun, and the sea,
Who made the NetherWorld,
Who satisfied the dead, and caused the Sun to come to prosper them, as Ruler of Eternity and Lord of Everlastingness,
Lord of Life Who fills the throat and gives breath to every nostril,
Who preserves alive all mankind by His sustenance.
Lifetime, Destiny, and bringing up are under His authority,
human beings live by that which comes out of His mouth,
Maker of Offerings for all the Gods, in His form as Nun the Great,
Lord of Eternity, Everlastingness is under His authority,
Breath of Life for all people,
Leading the King to His Great Throne in His name: King of the Two Lands.
I am Thy son whom Thou hast installed as King in the place of my father in peace.
I follow Thee, O Ptah, Thy plans are before me.

Thou didst multiply good things for me, while I was upon Earth,
Thou hast led me to rest by Thy side in the Western Heavens like all the Mysterious Gods of the NetherWorld, and I am associated with Thy Divine Ennead in Thy Mysterious Seat, like Apis, Thy august son, Who is by Thy side. Grant that I may eat the food of Thy Divine Offerings, of bread, incense, beer, shedeh, and wine, grant that I may live again in the Land of the Blessed-Ones (in the NetherWorld), seeing Thee every day like Thy Divine Ennead.

[then follows a long list of the sacred buildings, offerings, and gifts dedicated by the Glorious King Ramses III to Ptah, Sekhmet, Nefertum and all the Gods of Memphis (…)]

Give to me Thy eyes and Thy ears, O Lord, Ptah, Father of Fathers, Former of the Gods,
and hear my plea, which I make before Thee:
I am Thy beloved son, great in benefactions,
install my son (Ramses IV) to be King, establish Him upon Thy Throne as Ruler of every land over the people, Horus UserMaatRa SetepenAmon (Ramses IV), Life, Power, Health, the child who came forth from Thy limbs.
Grant that He may be crowned upon Earth like Horus the son of Isis, when He took the Atef Crown, bearing the …. (Royal scepter).
Grant that He, Horus the King, may rest upon Thy Throne as King of the Two Lands, as Horus, the Mighty Bull, Beloved of Maat.
Give to Him my kingdom according as Thou makest His life happy upon Earth, possessed of joy.
Make His sword victorious, while the lands and the countries fall beneath His feet forever.
Let Him take possession of Egypt as King, Life, Power, Health, of the Two Lands,
let Him be Divine before Thee, possessed of Thy favor.
Extend for Him the boundaries of the Nine Bows (the Nine Bows are the traditional enemies of Egypt),
let them come because of His might, that they may do obeisance to Him.
Give satisfying life, united with His limbs, and health for His members at every season,
Horus the King, the King of Upper and Power Egypt Lord of the Two Lands UserMaatRa SetepenAmon, Life, Power, Health, the Son of Ra and Lord of Diadems Ramses (IV) HeqaMaat-MeryAmon, Life, Power, Health!”

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