Hermes of Rick Riordan, by In-Taier

Hermes in Louvre
Hermes of Rick Riordan

Yes, just today, just in four hours
You will deliver all the letters, set up all the appointments,
And you even will have time to write a private response to somebody,
And give away all your Gifts, before the evening comes.

And walk on the seashore, ten minutes before the storm,
To look at the children playing the “demigods” game;
Sorrowful “House of Hermes”! But the boy’s bitter teardrop
Can be exchanged for the divine Gifts;
and everyone will be happy in the result.

They hate you all, you who don’t dare to meet with your children;
But even all the pantheon cannot soften the petty tyranny of Zeus.
And someone wakes up the titans in his desperate revenge –
Luke, who also wasn’t allowed to see Hermes,

And touch his shoulder, and call him father without confusion;
There are so many of you, kids with the taped glasses.
The camp halfblood is sorrowful, but it is your true house,
Where parents watch their children at night, furtively.

So the son of Poseidon with the Gifts goes up against the enemies;
and reckless Luke creates his Alchemy of Death;
And daughter of Athena again makes projects of her cities,
Like Sati from “The Matrix”, she designs new buildings.

You will send all the letters, and the caduceus will shine just for a moment,
George and Martha will discuss the Internet again, as usually…
The gods know about us, and, loving the disobedient children,
They again give us Gifts, and sometimes give us the Answers.

© In-Taier, 9/10/2012

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