Hail to You, Lady Nebet-Het, by queen-anne-boleyn

Hail to You, Lady Nebet-Het,
Eye of Ra,
Mistress of Renewal,
Lady of Heaven,
The Revealer,
With Your Gentle Touch,
I humbly pray to You
To Watch over my Akhu
And give them comfort and succor
I beg You, make my Akhu whole
So that they may shine with the reflected light and wisdom
Of Both Ma’at and the Netjeru
Reveal to them the pleasant Field of Reeds
So that they may reside in the Afterlife
In peace, contentment, and happiness.
Hail to You, Lady Nebet-Het,
Lady of Heaven, Mistress of Renewal,
Please, watch over my Akhu
And hold them always in Your arms
And bless them with Your tender love and gentle care.
Dua Lady Nebet-Het! Dua Netjer! All hail to thee!

(c) queen-anne-boleyn, 2013 [Source]
[Russian translation], by In-Taier

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