Great Hymn of Horemheb to Thoth (J.L.Foster)

Worship of Thoth, son of Re, beautiful emergent Moon, lord of appearances, who illumines the gods, by the hereditary prince, mayor, vizier, fan-bearer on the king’s right hand, commander in chief of the armies, royal scribe, Horemheb, vindicated. He says:

Praises to you, O moon, Djehuty,
strong bull of Hermopolis, dwelling in its sacred precinct.
One who clears the way for the gods, knows the religious mysteries,
writes down the statements of the gods;
Who distinguishes one report from another like it
and evaluates each person;
Skilled to guide the Bark of Millions of Years;
courier for the Sunfolk.
Who knows a man by his speech
and measures the deed against the doer.

Who attends on Re, ascends to the presence of the sole Lord
to inform him of all that has happened –
Each dawn he gives an accounting in the sky;
and he does not neglect the events of yesterday.
Who keeps the Night Bark healthy
and makes the Day Bark peaceful,
His arms unhindered in the prow of the Night Bark,
Clear-seeing when he has taken the rope of the Day Bark,
Rejoicing in the joy of the Night Bark
during the celebration when it crosses the sky.

Who overthrows the Rebel-Serpent
and calculates the landing on the Western horizon,
While the Ennead in the Night Bark offers praise to Thoth,
saying to him,
“Hail! Hail! O you whom Re favors
as you compose the paeans to the gods.”
They re-echo what your spirit wishes
as you open a path to the destination of the Bark.
May you sacrifice that Rebel-Serpent, cut his head off,
annihilate his soul, and throw his body on the fire,
for you are the god who slaughters him.

There is nothing done without your knowing
as the Exalted One, son of the Great Goddess,
who came forth from her flesh;
Protector of Horakhty, with entree to the lore of Heliopolis,
who created the sphere of the gods,
Who knows the sacred Mysteries,
interpteter of their words.

Let us offer praise to Thoth,
the plumbline which is true in the center of the balance,
who drives off evil,
receives the one who does not lean toward crime.
Vizier who judges words, who quiets uproars into peace,
scribe of records who protects the scrolls,
Who punishes the guilty, accepts the one in chains,
healthy of arm, wisest of the Ennead.
Who brings back all forgotten things,
helpful to one who has gone astray,
Who recalls the fleeting moment,
who reports on each hour of the darkness;
Whose words will last forever-
who has entree to the Underworld.
Knowing all those there,
and who records them, each according to his name.

J.L.Foster – Hymns, Prayers and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient-Egyptian lyric poetry, p.111

English translation, from J.L.Foster – Hymns, Prayers and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient-Egyptian lyric poetry, p.111
English translation, from Miriam Lichtheim – Ancient Egyptian literature, vol.II, p.102-103
English translation, from H. E. Winlock – A Statue of Horemhab before His Accession
English translation, from Christian Jacq, “The living wisdom of ancient Egypt” p.68
Russian translation, by Dzhehuti-Meri

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