Great Hymn of Horemheb to Thoth (H.E.Winlock)

Praise to Thoth, son of Re, the moon, beautiful in its rising, lord of bright appearings, who illumines the gods,-by the Prince, Count, Fan-Bearer on the King’s Right, Great Army Commander, King’s Scribe, Horemhab, the justified. He saith:

-Hail to thee, Thoth, Bull in Hermopolis, in the midst of Hesret, who openest theplace of the gods, who knowest the mysteries, who establishest their utterances, who distinguishest (one) report from another, who judgest for all men. Skilful in the boat of Millions of Years, waiting for (?) mankind, knowing a man by his utterance; making the evil deed rise up against the doer; contenting Re, reporting to the Sole Lord and causing him to know all that happens. Day dawns when he summons (it) in heaven; he is not forgetful of the report of yesterday; ……of the Evening Ship, contenting the Morning Ship; outstretched of hands in the forepart of the ship of the Pure of Face; who takes the log (?)-book of the Morning Ship, rejoicing with the joy of the Evening Ship at the Feast of Traversing Heaven, overthrowing the fiend, seizing the Western Horizon. The ennead of gods that is in the Evening Ship give praise to Thoth, they say to him, ‘Praise [to ……], praised of Re,’ when he recites praises to the gods, and they repeat what thy ka loves. Thou leadest the way to the place of the ship and thou art active against this fiend. Thou cuttest off his head; thou destroyest his ba; thou takest his ……to the fire. Thou art the God who slaughtered him. Nothing is done that thou knowest not, in thy capacity of Great One (?), son of the Great One (?), who issued from her body, Protector of Harakhti, wise enterer into On; who maketh the place for the gods; who knoweth the mysteries and explaineth their words. Let us praise Thoth, the exact plummet in the midst of the balance, who passeth by (?) sin, who accepteth him that inclineth (?) not to do evil; the vizier who giveth judgment, who allayeth clamour in peace; scribe of the mat(?); who establisheth the book, who vanquisheth crime; who accepteth what(?) is under the arms(?); sound of shoulder; learned within the ennead; who recalls all that is forgotten; wise for him who is in error; the remembrancer of the moment and of infinity; who proclaims the hour(s) of the night; whose words abide for ever. Who enters into the Tei, and knows what is therein. They (the gods) shall set (him) down in the list.


A Statue of Horemhab before His Accession
Author(s): H. E. Winlock
Source: The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, Vol. 10, No. 1 (Apr., 1924), pp. 1-5


English translation, from J.L.Foster – Hymns, Prayers and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient-Egyptian lyric poetry, p.111
English translation, from Miriam Lichtheim – Ancient Egyptian literature, vol.II, p.102-103
English translation, from H. E. Winlock – A Statue of Horemhab before His Accession
English translation, from Christian Jacq, “The living wisdom of ancient Egypt” p.68
Russian translation, by Dzhehuti-Meri

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