Great Hymn of Horemheb to Thoth, fragment (Christian Jacq)

Let us come and give thanks to Thoth, the God of Knowledge, the measure which embodies correctness in the scales of justice.
He rejects evil and welcomes the man who turns aside from unjust actions.
He is the judge who weighs the words of men,
Who calms the storm,
Who gives peace,
The official scribe who preserves the hidden texts,
He punishes the criminal,
He welcomes the obedient man,
His arm is strong,
The sage at the heart of the Ennead, the Union of Gods,
He who restores what was forgotten,
He who advises the lost,
He who preserves in the moment,
He who watches over the hours of night,
He whose words last for eternity.

— Statue of Horemheb (Metropolitan museum of New York).
Quoted from: Christian Jacq, “The living wisdom of ancient Egypt” p.68

English translation, from J.L.Foster – Hymns, Prayers and Songs: An Anthology of Ancient-Egyptian lyric poetry, p.111
English translation, from Miriam Lichtheim – Ancient Egyptian literature, vol.II, p.102-103
English translation, from H. E. Winlock – A Statue of Horemhab before His Accession
English translation, from Christian Jacq, “The living wisdom of ancient Egypt” p.68
Russian translation, by Dzhehuti-Meri

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