From the “Memphite Theology” (J.P.Allen)

Through the heart and through the tongue something developed into Atum’s image.
And great and important is Ptah,
who gave life to all the gods and their kas as well
through this heart and this tongue
through which Horus and Thoth both became Ptah.
It has developed that the heart and tongue have control of all limbs,
showing that he is preeminent in every body and in every mouth—
of all the gods, and all people, all animals, and all crawling things that live—
planning and governing everything he wishes.
His Ennead is before him, in teeth and lips—
that seed and those hands of Atum:
for it is through his seed and his fingers that Atum’s Ennead developed,
but the Ennead is teeth and lips in this mouth that pronounced the identity of everything,
and from which Shu and Tefnut emerged
and gave birth to the Ennead.
The eyes’ seeing, the ears’ hearing, the nose’s breathing of air send up to the heart,
and it is what causes every conclusion to emerge;
it is the tongue that repeats what the heart plans.
So were all the gods born,
Atum and his Ennead as well,
for it is through what the heart plans and the tongue commands that
every divine speech has developed.
So were the male life-principles made
and the female life-principles set in place-
they who make all sustenance and every offering—
through that word that makes what is loved and what is hated.
So has life been given to him who has calm
and death given to him who has wrongdoing.
So was made all construction and all craft,
the hands’ doing, the feet’s going, and every limb’s movement,
according as he governs that which the heart thinks,
which emerges through the tongue,
and which facilitates everything.
It has developed that Ptah is called “He who made all and caused the gods to develop,”
since he is Ta-tenen, who gave birth to the gods,
from whom everything has emerged—
food-offerings and sustenance, gods’ offerings, and every perfect thing.
So is it found and recognized that his physical strength is greater than the gods’.
So has Ptah come to rest after his making everything and every divine speech as well,
having given birth to the gods,
having made their villages,
having founded their nomes,
having set the gods in their cult-places,
having made sure their bread-offerings,
having founded their shrines,
having made their bodies resemble what contents them.
So have the gods entered their bodies—
of every kind of wood, every kind of mineral, every kind of frit,
everything that grows all over him, in which they have developed.
So were gathered to him all the gods and their kas as well,
content and combined in the lord of the Two Lands.

Quoted from: Genesis in Egypt. The Philosophy of Ancient Egyptian Creation Accounts,
by J.P.Allen