Father Thoth, by Divine Keeylen

As you appeared to me
I could see everything
My life flashing before my eyes
including many other lives
other lives a blurred memory
and each time you were standing there in between the seams
In the shadows, in the back drops, yet your soul became my forefront
thoughts you provoked in me
made me question everything
unblinding… shattering all i was, to help who i would become
i waited so long, remembering you all along
but you saved the best for last, so finally you came to past
hands outreached, reaching out to me
glowing, shining, a silver lining….
much knowledge gained, but now new questioned formed
how could in the womb of a male god i was born?
you never left me, you always stayed, always remained… Thoth

(c) Divine Keeylen, 2015
[Russian translation], by In-Taier

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