Entreaty to Djehuti, by Hermes-seer

Oh Lord of Ever lasting knowledge!
Oh Master of Providence holy and divine!
Thou Who art my Tutor and my Patron
Thou Who art Creator of every branch of knowledge,
Both human and divine!
Oh Great One, Greater One, Greatest One,
Thrice is Thy benevolence, Three fold Thy divinity!
With deepest reverence and truest praise
I stand before Thee, a mortal supplicant in Thy midst,
Lost and stumbling in a dark dying world,
Tending the delicate tender flame of my innermost Truth;
Accept me as Thy humble servant,
Enfold me in the brilliance of Thy timeless mystery,
Expand me by the light of Thine own Eternal Fire,
Blazing with hope and truth into the dark night of injustice!
Simple man as I am, I seek that which in reality was never lost,
Yet rather obscured by the whimsical illusion of the ego,
By the conditioning my societies written history,
Over shadowing the reality, the glaring splendor of undeniable Truth;
How is it that we men have become so blinded?!
Enliven me, Oh my Lord, my Patron,
That my entreaties and personal endeavors may serve
To shine even the faintest light into my world
That balance may be restored and some difference
If only slight and humble, may arise!
In this I find my hope,
And in Thine divine love and attention I find my strength.
This is my prayer, Oh Djehuti, Noble Ibis,
Hear my heart and hasten to my souls call!

(c) Hermes-Seer [source]

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