Djehuty praise song, by Bakhure


I have made you, from the dust of the Earth.
You are mine, I have breathed life into your veins.
I will watch over you, and bear you on wings of the birds of an ancient land.
I will hold you in your tears of hours of need, and laugh with you when your laughter overflows your cup of life.


Your words are my power, your words are my shelter.
Your eyes see all my hidden secrets, in the dark.
I am not afraid, for you do not judge those with innocent hearts, no matter what they have done.
Your eyes are the All-Seeing, and I have found shelter in your arms and peace in your workings.
You will not abandon me in the Hall of Judgement, for I have shown love, and that is Ma’at.

(c) Bakhure
[Russian translation]

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