Djehuti; from: “The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt” (Rosemary Clark)

Djehuti (Thoth)

As recorder of the Akashic record, Djehuti is the source of all knowledge per­taining to the past and present. He brings dignity to learning and assists in tests of skill. This Neter is also prosecuting attorney in the law court of the gods, the counselor and judge on behalf of Heru’s petition when Set made false claims on the throne of Egypt. As such he allows just claims to be made and false accusa­tions to become null.

Principle: Resonance. The energy dynamic of Djehuti breaks through mental barriers; it allows facts to become known and secrets to be revealed. His powers are concerned with cosmic memory and access to ancient wisdom.

Function: Communication. Djehuti assists in the delivery of messages and in­ formation, and the discovery of lost knowledge. He is one of the patrons of div­inatory activities, but he communicates more directly with the mind rather than through oracular tools such as magic mirrors and geomantic figures. He may be called upon when learning new skills and languages (especially symbol systems), as he is patron of scholars and scribes. He eases mental confusion and will come to the aid of the person who diagnoses or repairs equipment, tools, and machinery.

Associated deities: Khons, the Lunar deity of transitory phenomena; Shu, the Neter of cosmic space and wind; Seshat, the measurer and architect; Tekhi, regu­lator of times and seasons.

Animals: Ibis, baboon, giraffe.

— Quoted from: “The Sacred Magic of Ancient Egypt”, by Rosemary Clark