Dedication to Love, by In-Taier

Dedication to Love

The poems written in your honor– are dissolved in my blood
The poems written in your honor– are filling my breath
I’m terrified that I could die because of this love,
Love for which time and distance do not matter

I’m afraid, but I know you’re with me, despite everything,
Even if I seem, to myself, thoughtless and naive
Or just plain mad, or may be somewhat foolish –
This Love is ruthless
And in it, the Universe is wonderful and miraculous…

Just for one touch
Where could our dreams lead us?
Just for one wish
To read the Hieroglyphs of Quintessence
In the dedication, my soul
You will take for yourself with a smile,
And all endless eternity
Is compressed in this very moment

The night will fall down around us
But coming forth in the light of Day will follow
I will have to overcome
Pain, violence, doubts, sufferings,
But to be born again,
Because you love me,
To believe and to Know
And to dissolve in your shine.

© In-Taier, 2014 [original in russian]

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