Blessed Afterlife; from Papyrus Anastasi I (E.Wente)

May you spend lifetime with your gods, pleased with you without displaying anger.
May your reward be received after old age.
May you be salved with fine-quality unguents like the blessed ones.
May you enter your tomb of the necropolis and mingle with the excellent Bas. May you be judged among them and be declared righteous in Busiris before Wennefer and be well established in Abydos before Shu-Onuris.
May you cross over to the district of Peqer in the god’s retinue and cross the divine region in the retinue of Sokar.
May you join the crew of the Neshmet barque without being turned away. May you see the sun in the sky when it initiates the year.
May Anubis unite for you your head to your bones.
May you emerge from the hidden region without being destroyed.
May you observe the sun’s glow in the netherworld when it passes you by. May the primordial waters overflow your domain, immerse your path and irrigate to a depth of seven cubits near your tomb.
May you sit down at the river’s edge at your moment of rest and wash your face and hands.
May you receive offerings.
May your nose inhale the breezes and your throat breathe freely.
May Tayet clothe [you].
May Neper give you bread and Hathor give you beer.
May you suck from the udder of Sekhayet-Hor.
May fine-quality unguents be opened for you.
May your shabti-figure be accepted when it comes over carrying sand from east to west.
May you grasp … of your sycamore goddess and she lubricate your throat. May you drive [your opponents] away.
May you be triumphant in the sky, a shining one.
May you descend to the slaughterhouse(?) without being annihilated.
May you transform yourself into whatever you wish, like the phoenix, with each of your forms being that of a god, just as you desire.

Quoted from: Ancient Egyptian Tombs: The Culture of Life and Death © 2011 Steven Snape.
(Translation from Papyrus Anastasi I, based on that of Wente 1990:100-1 (Wente, E. (1990) “Letters from Ancient Egypt”)

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