Amenhotep, son of Hapu statue inscription

Amenhotep-statue…I being initiated into the Divine Book so that I might see the glorifications of Thoth and enter into their secrets. I revealed all their difficulties, being asked for consuel regarding all their aspects…

Amenophis, son of Hapu – a biographical sketch, Boyo Ockniga
(The Rundle Foundation for Egyptian Archaeology, #18/Feb.1986

”(…), but into the divine book,
I have been initiated.
Of Thoth, I have seen glory,
and among mystery, I introduced myself.”

“Egypt and the primordial tradition” – C.Rebisse; Roscrucian digest vol.85 #1 2007

I was introduced into the divine book, I beheld the excellent things of Thoth; I was equipped with their secrets; I opened all their passages; one took counsel with me on all their matters.

Ancient records of Egypt […] By James Henry Breasted, Ph.D.
Volume II The Eighteenth Dynasty
Chicago The University Of Chicago press 1906

I was appointed chief scribe of the king; I was initiated into God’s book; I saw the magical spells of Thoth; I was percipient among their secrets, I explained all their enigmas.
Ludwig Borhards. Statues und statuetten von Koenigen und Privatleuten in museum von Cairo. 2 1/1294, Catalogue general des antiquites egyptiennes di Musee di Caire Text und Tafeln zu Nr.381-653, 1925; quoted from: M.Isidora Forrest “Isis magic” ed.III(2014), p.167

“Я был введен в знание священной книги и видел великолепия бога Тота. Мне открыты были все их тайны и все части их были передо мной положены (то есть объяснены). Я овладел искусством речи со всех сторон ее.”

— Аменхотеп, сын Хапу и А-Ту (цит. из книги Г.Бругш, “Все о Египте” 1880 (репринт 2001г)

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