A prayer to Tehuti, by JDove

A prayer to Tehuti

Mighty Tehuti!
Wise Lord of time and magic
God of scribes and keeper of Law:
I honor you with my very breath
and the ink which flows from my pen.
I have known your Love
and felt unworthy.
I have known your disappointment
and responded with guilt.
But you have remained –
my silent teacher.
Your glory has surrounded me
though I was unaware.
For it is You, my lord,
who drive me towards greatness
who inspires my growth
who guides me in my quest
for knowledge
for understanding
for wisdom.
Your bright eyes smile upon me;
I feel them.
With the reed in your hand
you write blessings on my heart.
And when that heart shines,
I shine it for you,
bright Lord of Wisdom,
whose magic has led me
and whose star guides me still.

© JDove, 13.09.2008 [source]
Russian translation, by In-Taier

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